Release Date: 1991


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Track List

  1. Show Me Your Devotion
  2. Till I See You Again
  3. You Only Come Around
  4. It’s Only A Heart
  5. Sky Dancing
  6. The Restless Own The Night
  7. Turn On The Moon
  8. Inside of Love
  9. Suspicious Minds
  10. Keep Saying No
  11. The Visitor


Produced by Russell Ferrante, Marilyn Scott, Jimmy Haslip
Bass –Jimmy Haslip, Arron Zigman, David Shields
Keys -Russell Ferrante, Arron Zigman, Michael Wycoff
Guitar -Carlos Rios, Michael Landau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Bobby Womack
Drums –Ricky Lawsen, James Gadson
Horns -Mark Russo, Jerry Hey, Bernard Basden, Fernando Harkless, Steve Smith, Wayne Bergeron
Percussion -Bobby May
Background Vocals -Jim Gilstrap, Merry Clayton, Vesta Williams, Bobby Caldwell, Marilyn Scott, Diana Sorrells, Karin Patterson
Show Me Your Devotion – Jimmy Haslip, Russell Ferrante, Marilyn Scott, Ricky Lawsen
Till I See You Again – Bunny Siegler, Marvin Morrow
You Only Come Around – Bobby Womack, Harold Payne
It’s Only A Heart – Marilyn Scott, Russell Ferrante
Sky Dancing – Russell Ferrante, Marilyn Scott
The Restless Own The Night – Russell Ferrante
Turn On The Moon – Marilyn Scott, Russell Ferrante, Jimmy Haslip
Inside of Love – Bobby Womack, Marilyn Scott
Suspicious Minds – Jimmy Haslip Russell Ferrante, Marilyn Scott
Keep Saying No – Jimmy Haslip, Marilyn Scott
The Visitor – Russell Ferrante, Jimmy Haslip, Marilyn Scott

About Sky Dancing

I was in a different zone trying to fit in somewhere between R&B and 80’s Jazz-fusion.  I couldn’t get over the hump because I was somewhere between. Looking for the future in contemporary Jazz and writing harder callings of the eighties. I was a staff writer at Chappell Music so my job at writing was focused more on commercial songs. There was a lot of love from great players and Vision management. Also to work with Bobby Womack, was by far an incredible highlight. This also led to my first headlining tour in Japan.

Listen to the Album

  1. Till I See You Again
  2. You Only Come Around
  3. It's Only A Heart
  4. Sky Dancing
  5. The Restless Own The Night
  6. Turn On The Moon
  7. Suspicious Minds
  8. Keep Sayin' No
  9. The Visitor


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