Marilyn Scott is best known for her Grammy-nominated work as a contemporary jazz musician, having performed with some of the best musicians in the world over the last few decades.

Early Life and Career

My career in the music business started very early, performing with bands that helped shape my voice and songwriting abilities. This career has span over forty years and I am humbled by those experiences. My life has brought me closer to many artists and songwriters that opened pathways to musical styles that widen my artistic arch. Jazz, blues and R&B, have been my stepping stones that has led to several CD’s and I am grateful to say has guided me to work with the very best in these genres.

It started when I was 11 and I had listened to my Mothers records of Nat King Cole.  Then my friends Dad played Ella Fitzgerald for me around 14, but it was when I was 15 and saw Big Mama Thornton at the Prison Of Socrates in Newport Beach, I knew I would never feel the same. Something real sat inside me called the blues.

I sang with school bands and worked in clubs. Had a job at Billboard magazine calling radio stations and record stores. Traveled with a blues band supporting Chuck Berry and Joe Turner. Became a cast member of “Selma” a musical about Martin Luther King Jr. and worked with Ruth Brown who played Mahalia Jackson. I opened shows for Etta James and meant Betty Carter though her. I sang background vocals for Tower of Power, John Mayal, Paul Davis and I have been lucky enough to have been produced by Michael Sembello, Bobby Womack, Bob James, George Duke and others who helped me find my voice. Guided by the Yellowjackets’s Russell Ferrante and Jimmy Haslip, we have written and produced various songs that have defined my ability. I am rich now to draw from the many styles of Jazz music and feel so blessed in musical relationships that take shape on stage and in recording. So many moments of music that has led me to today. I appreciate those roots that hold me now and spread them out to connect the pieces to what will be new. How to grow and embrace all these styles and present them in Jazz music, is the future. As musicians we need avenues to create and play our compositions, new avenues to explore old and new music alike.

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