Release Date: 1998

Warner Bros.

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Track List

1. Starting to Fall
2. I Like to Dance
3. Avenida del Sol
4. The Look of Love
5. Heaven’s Design
6. Love is a Powerful Thing
7. Hold You Up
8. Hey Love
9. Get Home
10. The Last Day


Produced by George Duke

Bass –Jimmy Haslip, George Duke, Freddie Washington
Keys –George Duke, Russell Ferrante, Michael Ruff
Guitar – Ray Fuller, Paul Jackson Jr., Michael Landau, Mike Miller
Drums – Joey Heredia
Percussion – Paulinho Da Costa, Rafael Padilla
Horns – Steve Allen, Bob Mintzer, Ralph Rickert, Brandon Fields
Background Vocals – Lori Perry, Carolyn Perry, Darlene Perry, Sharon Perry, Alvin Chea, Lynn Davis, Jim Gilstrap, Maxayn Lewis

Starting To Fall – George Duke, Marilyn Scott
I Like To Dance – Bob Mintzer, Marilyn Scott, George Duke
Avenida del Sol – Bob Mintzer, Marilyn Scott
The Look of Love – Burt Bacharach, Hal David
Heaven’s Design – Bobby McFerrin
Love is a Powerful Thing – Michael Ruff
Hold You Up – Russell Ferrante, Jimmy Haslip, Marilyn Scott
Hey Love – Russell Ferrante, Jimmy Haslip, Marilyn Scott
Get Home – Russell Ferrante, Jimmy Haslip, Marilyn Scott
The Last Day – John Ewbank, Brenda Russell

About Avenues of Love

This was such a wonderful time to be on Warner Bros. Great people there and a chance to make music with a strong backing force. All that played a part here, worked out of love for each other and a deep respect for Contemporary Jazz. George Duke received a Grammy® nomination for “The Look Of Love”, as “Best Arrangement with a Vocal”. I was very proud of that moment and I was evolving as a Jazz artist.

Allmusic Editorial Review

A top-notch adult contemporary vocalist still awaiting a well-deserved crossover commercial breakthrough, Marilyn Scott adds powerful fuel to her cause on Avenues of Love by helping herself with a well-balanced array of production and songwriting talent. George Duke surrounds her with party voices and a kneejerking Latin groove on a playful list of dance steps on “I Like to Dance,” then surrounds her clear, sensuous voice with airy, billowing synth cushioning on the Bacharach-David classic “The Look of Love.” Scott and bassist Jimmy Haslip reroute to Memphis on Michael Ruff‘sWilson Pickett-like pick me up, “Love Is a Powerful Thing,” engaging a two-piece horn section that sounds even larger. The Yellowjacket touch is in full effect on the picturesque “Avenida del Sol,” which approximates an update of the gentle Astrud Gilberto sound; the tune was written by Scott and Bob Mintzer, and produced by Scott, Haslip, and Russell Ferrante. Scott‘s greatest gift here is her sense of modulation; she belts like crazy on the funk pieces, but recognizes the emotional power of restraint on the ballads.

Listen to the Album

  1. Starting To Fall
  2. I Like To Dance
  3. Heaven's Design
  4. Love Is A Powerful Thing
  5. Hey Love
  6. Get Home


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